Alliance House
Alliance House is an introduction. In a traditional real estate agent to introduce our homestay guest house is not handling your property.
Available Instruments
Property available instruments
Series Tokyo guesthouse complete with a soundproofed "instruments available," "Pet" There is a variety of other properties. Music school students, welcomes the use of musicians who
Guest house operators
Guest house operators
Own your worries will support management, etc. utilizing idle land availability.
Owners must see!
Owners must see!
Dormitories will have difficulty in supporting such corporations as accommodation.

Five suggestions from Guesthouse Tokyo

  • Close to station! Convenient transportation!

    Close to station! Convenient transportation!
    Excellent good location within a five minute walk from the main train station in central Tokyo.
  • Security Wanquan!

    Security Wanquan!
    PIN security lock also Wanquan expression! Are also prohibited out of the outsider, a safe environment for women-friendly.
  • Luxurious amenities!

    Luxurious amenities!
    Broadband (high speed internet access), Line TV, large kitchens, Bath, toilet, washing machine and dryer in such facilities, support Wanquan a comfortable life.
  • Completely soundproof!

    Completely soundproof!
    Each wall of the living room has been soundproofed, you is noisy life. Also, completely soundproof rooms is also available, which can also include playing an instrument! Protect privacy while supporting a variety of hobbies you had given up until now, we offer a quiet life!
  • Health and Safety and Security!

    Health and Safety and Security!
    The building is in a non smoking, pets forbidden! Pets and smokers will not care. Moreover, the shared part been professionally cleaned regularly, offers clean and clean environment, protect your health! Environment for worry-free allergy more!